Mother's Day Gift Guide


Mother's Day Gift Guide

Motherhood. I had no idea what that meant until I became a mother- it is equal parts exhilaration, irritation, unexplainable and insurmountable love, and utter frustration. That’s why your momma deserves the best this Mother’s Day- especially with the COVID19 lockdown! Trust me- that mother in your life, whether is your actual mom, your wife, your sister, or your friend- she NEEDS a special treat. We can’t be the amazing mothers we are unless we take time to care for ourselves. However, with the quarantine, that has become a bit of a challenge. So, create some time that your special momma can be alone (because let’s face it, that is a gift in itself), and have her practice some self care. Below are some AMAZING ideas, courtesy of the Glamour Connected staff!


Personal Spa Day

COVID19 got you trapped at home?? Not to worry! Treat your amazing momma to an at home spa day! 

What you will need:

Home Spa Bath Pillow- set her up with the most relaxing bath she has ever had! Pour her her favorite drink, have her put her hair up, and lean back against this wonderfully comfy bath pillow. Bath pillows were a must when I was pregnant, and they will really help your mom relax. 

Bath Whip- ever heard of such a thing?? What makes this item special is it can be used two ways- as a moisturizing cleanser, or as a magical bubble bath! No matter her age, bubbles are sure to make her smile. 

Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment- Every. Momma. Needs. This. Don’t even question it, just do it! As mommas, especially in this quarantine, we wear our hair up frequently. Sometimes it gets pulled, it almost always has some mystery item stuck to it, and I guarantee she doesn’t care for her luscious locks like she used to. Help her bring that hair back to life with a healing hair treatment- perfect for while she is soaking away. 

Charcoal Clay Mask- mommas are ALWAYS putting others before themselves. She should rejuvenate that beautiful face, to reflect her immeasurable inner beauty! Make sure she is applying this during her relaxing bath time! OR have her save it for later, so she can double her relaxation time. 


Manicures- at home!

I am sure that momma in your life is experiencing #quarantinenails- so help her freshen up her look with a manicure (or pedicure) set! 

What you will need:

Manicure/ Pedicure Nail Clipper Kit- help set the stage for the next item!

Nail Art Stickers- these are the perfect gift for the mother in your life! They last longer than regular nail polish. Trust me.. They have survived numerous bath times, dishes and scrubbing the sink with Bar Keeper’s Friend- sans gloves! Available in 40 different designs. 

Succulent Lotion Bars- no manicure is complete without a moisture containing lotion! Help that momma keep her skin silky smooth. She probably needs it after all the hand washing and sanitizing she is doing!

Foot Massaging Pad- this item will really elevate the at-home manicure for that loving, hardworking, tireless momma in your life. Make sure this is turned on the ENTIRE time of her manicure!! 


Makeover for the Momma

What a perfect time to give that momma in your life an at home makeover! I mean, you’re all stuck at home anyways, so why not??

 What you will need:

A new set of makeup brushes- These brushing will help your momma create a stunning look!

A makeup brush cleaner- help her preserve her brand new brushes, or allow her to reuse her favorite ones at home. This is by far our best selling product, as it helps to reduce acne and maintains the cleanliness of your brushes, ensuring the product is applied correctly!

BB Cream- buying makeup for someone else can be tricky. Enter BB cream! It only comes in three shades (light, medium, dark) making it nearly foolproof to purchase! BB stands for blemish balm, and it is frequently worn under foundation and as a base, as it moisturizes, protects, and conceals. Our BB Cream contains lots of yummy ingredients for your momma’s skin- like Mongongo oil, vitamin E, and is even SPF 30!

Liquid Lipstick- finally, give that mother in your life a feeling of confidence to match her inner beauty as she applies this liquid, waterproof, matte lipstick. The pack comes in 6 colors, so she can choose according to her mood! 

I hope this gift guide helps you select something wonderful for the mother in your life. Being a mom is so dang hard- make sure she knows how much you appreciate her! Were you inspired by the gift guide? Do you have other ideas?? If so, comment below! 

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